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The legacy media has a shocking lack of curiosity when it comes to the Obama administration spying on the Trump campaign in 2016. The New York Times and Washington Post both ran pieces claiming the spying was not to “spy,” but to protect the Trump campaign from Russia. The only problem is this theory doesn’t hold water. It’s like claiming you robbed a bank not steal the money, but to protect the money from being stolen by someone else. If the intelligence community was really trying to protect the Trump campaign, why keep it secret, shouldn’t they have been in on it at the time? And why hide it for almost two years, denying it the whole time? If they really were altruistic, why act like kids with their hands caught in to cookie jar? There’s a lot more at work here than they are letting on.


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Kellyanne Conway absolutely pummeled CNN’s Brian Stelter Sunday. Stelter claimed he didn’t vote for president in 2016, that he left that part of his ballot black and that’s proof he’s not biased. Even if he did leave the presidential part of his ballot blank, he still voted down the ticket and he’s still completely biased for liberals. Conway reply is nothing short of gold in taking on CNN “media reporter.”

Cranky Bernie Sanders was on Meet the Press Sunday and blamed the lack of gun control law in the wake of the Texas school shooting on a “three letter word – NRA.” Of course, “NRA” isn’t a word, it’s an acronym, but even Bernie takes it further by blaming the tax cuts and the attempts to repeal Obamacare as well. If there had been a stiff breeze he likely would have blamed that, too. Host Chuck Todd just let it all slide, naturally.

A public school in New York City paused for a moment of silence to honor Hamas, the terrorist organization launching rockets into Israel. The student-led announcement was a shock to everyone…who hasn’t been paying attention to how much liberals hate Israel.


A pastor in Palo Alto, CA, has had enough of “progressives” who love to talk but don’t ever do anything to help people. He resigned from his church after it was reported he’d tweeted the city was “an elitist shit den” and saying Earth Day was a “fucking joke.” Hero.


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