Media Doesn’t Care About Credibility Or Evidence When Attacking Republicans

Derek Hunter | Contributor

On today’s podcast we examine the media’s sudden obsession with Omarosa and how they ignore her past and their former problems with her lack of credibility. Once she turned on President Trump, her past disappeared. Plus, newspapers across the country prepare a coordinated attack against Trump’s criticism of the media. They say it’s for their safety and the First Amendment, but they ignored, and even cheered, actual physical attacks on journalists when they’re by leftists.

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Omarosa is the media star of the week, the chosen weapon to attack Donald Trump. Her story has no evidence, her claims can’t be verified, and journalists spent 2 years talking about how she’s a liar, but none of that matters – she now serves the narrative. Rumors of the President using racial slurs and suffering from dementia are reported, unchallenged. And a rumor reported, even as a rumor, soon becomes fact in the minds of the audience. We explain it all.

More than 200 newspapers across the country are ready to run editorials tomorrow critical of the President’s claims of “fake news.” This is activism, not journalism. If media outlets don’t like being called “fake news” maybe they should spend more time reporting and less time allowing their journalists to play pundit on TV. It’s hard to believe someone is telling you the unbiased truth when they show up on CNN giving their opinions, which always end up on the left.

And Keith Ellison, the number 2 at the Democratic National Committee, won his primary last night to be the next Attorney General of Minnesota even though there are credible accusations of domestic violence against him. The media mostly took a pass on reporting those, declaring them to be rumors they couldn’t prove. Trump and Jim Jordan, both of whom have been the subject of widely reported rumors, might take issue with this sudden case of journalistic “integrity.”

Plus, Chelsea Clinton claimed abortion added $3.5 trillion to the economy because it freed women to go to work rather than raise pesky kids. It’s a stupid comment, but to play her game, just imagine how much all those babies would have added to the economy were they not aborted.

We dive into it all and more on the show today.

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