Trump Derangement Syndrome Has Democrats Trapped

Derek Hunter | Contributor

On today’s show, we explore how their Trump Derangement Syndrome has Democrats painted into a corner for the 2020 presidential election.

They’re moving to hold Attorney General William Barr because he refuses to break the law, yet they know nothing is going to come of it. It’s all for show.

Plus, former FBI director James Comey still doesn’t know what “spying” means, legacy media journalists are worthless, and high school students refuse to be used as pawns for liberal gun control activists looking to exploit tragedy.

Listen to the show:

House Judiciary Committee Democrats voted to hold Barr in contempt for not handing over a completely unredacted version of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report, even though the law forbids him from releasing grand jury information. They’re basically trying to hold him in contempt for NOT breaking the law.

But Democrats have a bigger problem; they’re trying to placate their radical base that wants impeachment without actually impeaching President Donald Trump and Independent voters who do not want impeachment. The contempt action gives the impression that Democrats are making a move on Trump without actually doing anything, which won’t alienate Independents. Can they fool their base long enough to get through the election? We discuss.

Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper now admits the Obama administration spied on the Trump campaign, but Comey still can’t bring himself to do the same. Neither faced anything close to difficult questions after their latest pronouncements because journalism is awful. The legacy media is incurious about the origins of the spying, preferring to take the words of the people behind it — the people with the most to lose — rather than ask any serious or follow-up questions. We have the audio and make the case.

Students at the STEM school in Colorado, the site of a tragic shooting this week, walked out of a vigil after it became clear to them that liberal activists were exploiting their tragedy for political purposes. They refused to become like the Parkland students and become tools of the left. Good for them. We have the story.

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