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Enjoy Cold Drinks Anywhere This Summer With These Chillers

Mason Thibault Contributor

This summer has been hot. Keeping drinks cool outside usually means lugging around heavy ice packs and a cooler. With these chill packs, keep your favorite beverages ice cold in a lightweight case.

Chill Systems The Chiller

Enjoy cold drinks anywhere this summer without lugging around ice packs. The portable ice chamber is filled with a gel that cools your drink in just an hour. Your drink will stay cold for up to six hours. The pack is big enough to store three cans or one wine bottle.

MSRP: $59 | Sale: $49 | Discount: 16%

Chill Systems The Chiller’s Tote


Take your party on the road this summer with Chill Systems The Chiller. It holds a portable fridge large enough for 12 cans or 4 wine bottles, perfect for a day out with friends. You can even take the chilly chamber on an overnight trip, as it keeps your beverages cold for a full 24 hours.

MSRP: $89 | Sale: $69 | Discount: 22%

Chill Systems The Chiller’s Pack

Chill Systems The Chiller’s Pack combines a tote bag and drink cooler in one. The pack fits six cans or 3 wine bottles along with all your gear. Use the six compartments for extra jackets, blankets, or snacks. The elastic straps fit comfortably on your back. The bag even has a designated phone pocket for hands-free enjoyment.

MSRP: $89 | Sale: $69 | Discount: 22%