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Here Is What Army-Navy Football Fans Think Of Anthem Kneelers [VIDEO]

'Colin Kaepernick should be ashamed of himself'

Nadler Floats Impeachment, Says New Mueller Revelations Could Justify Removing Trump

Nadler will chair the Judiciary Committee in the Democratic Congress

Lindsey Graham Urges Trump To 'Dig In And Not Give In' To Get Border Wall Funding

'The caravan is a game changer'

French Protester Loses His Hand After Reportedly Grabbing An Active Stun Grenade

It left a bloody stump

Schiff Says Trump May 'Face The Very Real Prospect Of Jail Time'

‘Pretty breathtaking’

The Media Stopped Attacking Trump To Honor H.W. Bush. It Didn't Last Long

The unity did not last long at all

Tucker Ridicules 'Saint Nancy' Pelosi For Using Moral Highground To Disgrace The Wall

'Weak moral authority. That is not a problem for St. Nancy'

Paris Is Burning As Armed Patrols Work To Stamp Out Yellow Vest Protests

'We are overtaxed; there are taxes on everything, gas'

Alan Dershowitz Thinks Mueller Report Will Turn Up 'Political Sins,' But No Proof Of Crimes

'This special counsel ... will blur the line between crimes and sins, and write a report designed to put the president in a bad light'

Watch Armed Robbers Get Chased Out Of Shop By Pistol-Packing Barbers

They messed with the WRONG barbers

Army-Navy Game’s Stunning National Anthem Rendition Puts Every Kneeling NFL Player To Shame

You could hear a pin drop during the rendition

'Radicalized In Their Own Echo Chambers' — Tucker Interviews Portland Reporter Who Was Harassed By Antifa

'Instead of dedicating their lives to service or joining the military, they are joining movements like Antifa'

This Is What An Anti-Trump Hollywood Pundit Says He Has In Common With Trump [VIDEO]

'Maybe one day I'll occupy the White House'

How Much Would You Pay To Hear Hillary Speak?

'I wouldn't pay for them ...'

House Democrats Look To Limit Lawmakers' Gun Rights

'If stricter gun laws actually keep Americans safe, then Illinois would be the safest place on Earth'

Will Incoming House Democrats Shut Down The Comey Investigation?

'It's their last shot'

North Carolina Democrat Releases Twitter Video Withdrawing Concession Because Of 'Shameful Criminal Activity'

'Bankrolled by my opponent to take away North Carolinians very rights to vote'

Seth Meyers Says The President Would Rat On His Own Family To Escape Jail Time

'Would flip more than a dad working the grill at a cookout'

Democrats Are Eating Their Words About Bernie Sanders As The Party Takes A Hard Left Turn, Says Ed Henry

'When you say you're going to give them free stuff it's great'

'Twitter Is A War Zone': Musk Explains Why He Uses Social Media To Troll Critics

'If somebody's going to jump in the war zone, let's go'

Former State Department Adviser Calls For Online Bill Of Rights To Protect Against Social Media Abuse

'We don’t know what’s being done with our stuff'

Dershowitz Says He Doesn't Think Flynn 'Really Committed Any Crimes'

'Perfect example of how much power the government has'

Caravan Mother Who Gave Birth To Anchor Baby Is Gaming The System, Says Immigration Attorney

'That is not a reason for asylum'

CNN's Jeffrey Toobin Predicts Two Big Revelations In Mueller Probe Are About To Be Revealed

'There are two very significant disclosures coming'

Radio Host Rails Against Satanic Sculpture Next To Christmas Tree At Illinois Capitol

'Get their kicks out of mocking God'

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