Podcast: Biden's Campaign Launch Was A Hilarious Disaster

Anyone believe he asked Obama not to endorse him?

The Best Military Show On TV Had A Heartbreaking Episode About Veteran Suicide. Every American Should See It

Here's what happened

Mika Blames Trump For Judge's Release Of Coast Guard Terrorist

'I think Trump's doing this'

Trump Says He Will Declassify FBI's Russia Probe Documents, 'And Much More'

‘That’s Dog Crap!’ Fox’s Kennedy Says Dems Picking Women For VP Is Insulting

'It’s so incredibly oppressive'

Trump On Biden: 'Not The Brightest Light Bulb'

Sounds about right

Former Boston Police Superintendent Weighs In On Voting Rights For The Boston Bomber

'There's got to be a redemptive side of our system'

FLASHBACK: Dodgers Player Saves Burning American Flag In Amazing Act Of Heroism

An all-time great sports moment

'Avengers: Endgame' Is Doing Insanely Well Overseas. And It's Only Been Out One Day

Disney has got to be happy about this

Joe Biden Launches 2020 Presidential Campaign On Lie About Trump And Charlottesville

He left out the context

DNC Chair Tom Perez Accuses Trump Of Being 'Compromised'

'We are at war right now'

Conservative Activists Accuse Bank Of America Of Misleading About Planned Parenthood Ties

'Bank of America's sponsorships of posh fundraising galas'

There's A New War Mini-Series Coming Out, And It Looks Absolutely Epic

Will you watch it?

Star Musician's Home Gets Broken Into. His Reaction Shows The Importance Of The Second Amendment

He didn't even hesitate

Biden To Reporters: 'America’s Coming Back Like We Used To Be — Ethical. Straight. Telling The Truth'

Sound familiar?

Antonio Brown Is Once Again Behaving Like An Idiot. Should The NFL Suspend Him?

Here's what we know

One 'Game Of Thrones' Theory Is Burning Up The Internet, And It Involves The Death Of A Major Character

Here's what the fans need to know

Penn State Students, Community Members Respond To Donald Trump Jr., Turning Point USA

'Tonight we're gonna talk about freedom of speech'

Beto Responds To Late-Term Abortion Question By Saying Planned Parenthood Saves Lives

'We’ve made it so hard for women...'

The First Pick In The NFL Draft Has Been Announced. People Can't Stop Talking About Who Was Taken

Will he be a star?

Joe Biden Launches 2020 Presidential Campaign

Giving it another go

Here's How Bradley Cooper Plans To Reunite With Lady Gaga For One Last Performance Of 'A Star Is Born'

This could be the greatest thing to ever happen

Abby Huntsman Gushes Over Biden Announcement: 'Watching This Gave Me Chills'

'Even though we know Joe Biden, first impressions matter'

Bernie Booed For Making Gratuitous MLK Reference: 'I Actually Was At The March'

'We know!'

Taylor Swift Could Anger A Lot Of Her Fans With This One Simple Move. Will They Abandon Her?

It's not good

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