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Afternoon Mirror: Journo Witnesses Bizarre Scene In Bar Bathroom

Quote of the Day:

“A tasteful peacoat, I hope. It’s chilly out!” 

— Eddie Scarry, The Washington Examiner, in response to someone asking what South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham is wearing today.

CNN reacts to Jim Acosta getting his hard pass back 

“Statement from CNN and @Acosta on today’s ruling: ‘We are gratified with this result and we look forward to a full resolution in the coming days. Our sincere thanks to all who have supported not just CNN, but a free, strong and independent American press.'” — CNN Communications.

‘The Ellen Show’ producer snarks out at Sarah Huckabee Sanders

“I’m so sorry your doctored InfoWars video didn’t sway the judge, @PressSec. Please say hi to @Acosta for me.” — Andy Lassner, executive producer, The Ellen Show.

And Jim Acosta is once again the story… 

“The Jim Acosta Show starring Jim Acosta continues.” — Dana Loesch, NRA spokeswoman, conservative radio host … “I’m somewhat ambivalent on the whole Acosta hard pass thing. He’s his own worst enemy & can’t help but make stories about himself & every question he asks about how he was treated. He helps fuel the Trump v media narrative he criticizes.”

“’Decorum.’ lol, please. This coming from a person who shared a doctored Infowars video to claim Acosta acted violently.” — Andrew Kirell, The Daily Beast.

“‘Reporting for duty,’ says @acosta at the WH northwest gate to get his press pass back and enter the WH grounds.” — Mark Knoller, CBS News White House correspondent.

A woman walks into a bar bathroom… 

“Just went to the bathroom at a bar and a girl had the stall door wide open with her pants down. She told me it was okay because ‘everyone’s seen a vagina before.’ Girl, no.” — Amber Athey, The Daily Caller.

Tweeting While Parenting (Pretty cute…) 

“My ten-year-old comes down to the family room and sees me working through a couple of books. ‘Are they interesting?’ he asks. Not really, I say. He follows up: ‘But are they uninteresting in an interesting way?’ I smile and say yes. He knows my shtick.” — Carlos Lozada, WaPo.

“Asked my 5y/o what he wanted to be when he grows up and he replied a normal person like someone who doesn’t do anything. … He’s now my life coach.” — Maura Quint, Onion contributor.

Faith reporter wants prayers

“Lessons learned tonight: always have a car emergency kit. I had no idea we would be stuck for 7 hours in terrible snow. Please also pray for my wife who is stuck in NYC and can’t move her car anywhere or get home. Thanks for the prayers for me and the girls, too!” — Billy Hallowell, communications PureFix; Bylines: WaPo, Faithwire, TheBlaze.

Cassandra gets spammed 

“The amount of people spamming me to gloat about Julian being charged is insane. Imagine being so sadistic that you are celebrating a journalist and publisher going to prison for printing things you don’t want to know.” — Cassandra Fairbanks, Gateway Pundit.

Do April Ryan and Sean Spicer really need to be separated? 

“Jim talks with journalist @AprilDRyan and former press secretary @seanspicer. Separately, of course. Sean won’t sit in the same room as April out of fear she’ll ask a valid question.” — Jim Jeffries Show.

Travel Bitches 

“It’s been 8 hours and 8 minutes since I left home for work. I am stuck on the road in my car and I have not seen a single police officer, sanitation worker, no authorities helping whatsoever. A few good-hearted NY’ers are doing their best. Otherwise, this is a disgrace.” — Maria Spinella, CNN’s  “Tonight with Don Lemon.”

5:12 p.m. “So, what does it mean when the traffic color on Googlemaps [sic] is… black? My driver literally just reclined his seat. We’ve been sitting outside Newark Penn in standstill traffic for almost an hour.” — Meg Tirrell, biotech reporter, CNBC.

9:12 p.m. “I want to say THANK YOU to the souls out shoveling sidewalks in Newark and elsewhere right now. Spent 4 hours in gridlock & finally got out & walked to the train station. Brutal, but the patches of shoveled sidewalk were a gift.” — Tirrell.

“Hey @wmata‬⁩: it is unacceptable that the elevator AND BOTH ascending escalators at Woodley Park station are out. Not everyone is physically able to climb up.” — Audrey Berkemeier, digital marketing.

Matt Schlapp gets snippy about Florida race 

“Earth to Bill Nelson it’s over; time to buy a fishing boat.” — Matt Schlapp, chairman of the American Conservative Union.


“The dumbest shit on earth is that streaming services ask you to intentionally stay up until 3 a.m. to watch their new shows. Fuck off! I only watch your shitbag shows because I can’t sleep at all thanks to deep-seated psychological issues that will make me die alone.” — Ben Dreyfuss, editorial director, Mother Jones.

Dan Rather scolds the news: COVER THE FIRES!

“Please America take notice of California wildfires. Dozens confirmed dead. Hundreds missing. Thousands homeless. Millions choking on toxic air. Closed schools. People wearing masks. No immediate end in sight. Oh, and please do not neglect #climatechange in your coverage.” — Dan Rather, longtime broadcast news journalist.