Wild Brawl Breaks Out In The Stands Of The Giants/Cowboys. The Video Is Crazy

David Hookstead | Reporter

A massive fight started in the stands Sunday during the New York Giants game against the Dallas Cowboys.

It’s not crystal clear what started the altercation, but it is very clear a man wearing a Jason Witten Jersey was not happy with a young Giants fan.

He threw multiple punches at the man as the crowd went crazy. Take a look at the bizarre video below.

Two things to hit on here. First off, we all know how much I hate fighting at sporting events. I’ve probably said this about a million times at this point. (RELATED: Here Are The Best Moments From Week 17 Of The NFL Season)

We’re at games to drink beers, enjoy the action, complain about our teams and have a good time. We’re not there to get our faces bashed in.

However, you have to respect the Cowboys fan’s style here. He went with a full blown NHL strategy. Get the sweater over the face, obstruct your opponent’s view and sense of direction and then start raining down shots.

It’s the oldest trick in the book. That’s why it’s been a pillar of NHL fighting for the past 100 years. You have an incredible advantage if you can guy a guy’s clothing over his face.

At that point, you’re just taking free shots. Now, I’m not endorsing this kind of violence. Let’s not get confused. I’m simply pointing out good strategy when I see it. If you’re going to get in a fight, then you might as well do it correctly.

Do I still think these guys need to be punished? Absolutely. Can’t allow fighting at sporting events, but at least in this dustup one of the guys clearly did it with style.

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