Dallas Cowboys Wide Receiver Allen Hurns Suffers Horrific Ankle Injury. The Video Is Insane

David Hookstead | Reporter

Dallas Cowboys receiver Allen Hurns suffered a brutal ankle injury Saturday night against the Seattle Seahawks.

Hurns appeared to snap his ankle after it got rolled while being tackled. You can watch a video of the injury below. (RELATED: Here Are The Best Moments From Week 17 Of The NFL Season)

Go ahead and prepare yourself before you do because it’s absolutely brutal.

It really can’t get much worse than that video. I literally found myself with the urge to throw up after seeing it for the first time.

Just brutal on every single level. You simply hate to see injuries or players go down like that.


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I really hope Hurns gets better soon. It’s hard to even put into words how bad of a situation this is.

Coming back from injuries like that isn’t easy at all, and sometimes they can even be career ending. Let’s all hope he finds a way to play again. Just a gut-wrenching moment.

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